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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What types of document formats do you accept?

We prefer Microsoft Word documents but our editors can work with other types of manuscript formats such as Adobe PDF, Tex, and LaTex. If you have created your manuscript using another document format and would like to know if we can edit your manuscript using that format, please contact us.

Q. How do I submit my manuscript?

Submitting your manuscript is easy. Just complete the three simple steps below:

  1. First, click on Submit Your Manuscript.
  2. Second, tell us if you are a new customer or a returning one.
    1. New Customer? Simply click on the Register link to set up your personal account. When you do, you will be asked to complete our online registration form. After submitting the completed registration form, you will be sent an e-mail that includes a link to click on to access your newly created account.
    2. Returning Customer? Simply click on the Login link, enter your e-mail address and password, and you will immediately gain access to your existing account.

  3. Finally, log into your personal account, and click on "Upload Your Manuscript". While there, select the file to be uploaded from your hard drive and click on "Submit."

Q. What happens to my manuscript after I upload it to your site?

Once we receive your file, we will quickly determine the exact number of words it contains and then send you an official quote with the turnaround time required to edit your manuscript. Upon receipt of your confirmation that our quote is acceptable, we will immediately start the editing process. When the editing process is complete, we will send you an invoice. Upon receipt of your payment, we will promptly send you your edited manuscript.

Q. Can you guarantee that my personal information and manuscript will be protected from theft?

Absolutely! We recognize how important our authors' privacy is and have installed a SSL Certificate from the internationally recognized company, Verisign. This SSL Certificate ensures that our Website is authentic and that all sensitive data provided to us by our customers are secured by SSL encryption.

Additionally, we require that all of our editors sign a confidentiality agreement prior to starting work with us. This confidentiality agreement ensures that our editors cannot, under any circumstances, share our customers' personal details or manuscript and that they will destroy all copies of manuscripts that have been edited after delivery to the authors.

Q. If I use your service, will my manuscript definitely be accepted for publication?

While it is our goal and obligation to correct and refine the use of English in your scholarly, scientific, technical, or medical manuscript, we cannot make any guarantees about the acceptance of your document once we have edited it for you.

Acceptance of your manuscript lies solely within the domain of the peer review group and/or Editor of the publication that you have submitted it to. Further, we are unable to make any judgment regarding the quality of your manuscript's content or the possibility of its acceptance to a particular publication.

Q.What should I do if I am having difficulty uploading my file?

First, make sure that you are a registered user and that you have logged into your personal account. Next, make sure that your document complies with one of our accepted document types. If you are logged on and the document you are attempting to upload is a MS Word, Tex or LaTex file and you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Webmaster.

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