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Standard Fees:

We charge just US$0.032 per word or US$8.00 per 250-word manuscript page.

If your manuscript includes tables and figures to be edited, each one will be counted as having 100 words. Note that formulas are assumed to be accurate and therefore will not be edited. Additionally, references follow the normal US$0.032 per word rate.


If you wish to resubmit your edited text for further revisions, you will pay only US$0.025 per word. Note that we only charge you this rate for pages that are actually re-edited. Unaltered pages incur no additional fee.



First Submission:
Number of words to be edited: 2,500
Total number of tables in the manuscript: 5
Total words associated with tables: 500
Total number of words: 3,000
Price per word: US$0.032
Total price for first submission: US$96.00
Second Submission:
Number of pages to be re-edited: 5 pages
Number of words to be re-edited: 1,250
Number of tables to be re-edited: 2
Number of words associated with resubmitted tables: 200
Total number of words to be re-edited: 1,450
Price per re-edited word: US$0.025
Total price for second revision: US$36.25

Minimum Charge:

We are ready to assist you with all of your English-language polishing needs, no matter how large or small your manuscript. We do charge a minimum fee of US$16.00, however. So if your document is 500 words or less, your cost will be US$16.00.

Styling Work:

A premium rate of 25% will be added to the base quotation if the request includes styling work. This translates to an additional US$2.00 charge for every manuscript page.

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