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If you know the number of words in your document, then this first option is for you.

Simply type in the number of words that appear in your manuscript in the "Number of Words" box below. (When calculating the number of words in your manuscript, remember that each table and figure counts as 100 words.) Next, click on the "Get Estimate" button. Once you do, a US dollar amount will automatically appear in the "Estimate" box. Note that this price is only as good as the data that you enter and that the exact price for the editing work to be done may vary.

Number of words :

Looking for someone to count the words for you? Then you will want to use this option.

With our MS Word Counting and Pricing service, we take care of counting the number of words in your document (including those associated tables and figures) so that you don't have to.

To use this service, simply upload your document to our site by clicking on the "Browse" button. Then locate your MS Word file (with the .doc extension) and click on the "Submit" button. Once your MS Word file has been uploaded, the system will automatically calculate the exact number of words in your document and generate a price estimate for you. As a security feature, the system will automatically delete your document from our server once it has produced an estimate. Note that, like the service above, the price generated is just an estimate and may vary from the final cost of the project.

(Please note that the system might take a few minutes to respond to you with an estimate. This is because processing time is dependent upon such factors as network traffic and/or the size of your file. The bigger the file and/or the busier the network, the longer it will take to process your manuscript. )

Don't have an MS Word file to upload? Or looking for an actual quote?

If your manuscript is in another format (like PDF, Text, TeX or LaTeX) and you do not know the word count, or if you simply want an actual quote, we will be happy to e-mail you one within 1 business day. To take advantage of this offer, please register . Once registered, please login and click on the "Upload Your Manuscript" link to send us your document.

Should you decide for any reason not to take advantage of our editing service after receiving our quote, your document will simply be deleted from our server.
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